Who to Contact

Call the main number, tel. (718) 482-5385,  Text us at 347-670-0752, or email adultbasicskills@lagcc.cuny.edu if you have questions concerning any of the following:

  • schedule changes
  • need to take a leave of absence
  • your name is no longer on the roster
  • You’re a former student and want to return to our program



Patrick Brennan

Will Croxton

Angelo Ditta

Adam Gorsline

Junior Johnson

Jane Parkerton

Patrick Martin

Tom Trocco

Daniel Vera

Katti Wachs

Cheryl Wilson


Maritza Pritsos, Director

Angelo Ditta, Teacher Coordinator

Carla Veloz, Assistant Coordinator

Margarita Martinez, Administrative Assistant

Claudia Perez, Administrative Assistant