TASC Testing Information


TASC – Test Assessing Secondary Completion

Anyone who has resided in New York State for at least thirty (30) days may be eligible to take the TASC™ Test.
  • The TASC includes five sections:
  1. Language Arts – Reading
  2. Language Arts – Writing (includes grammar and essay writing)
  3. Mathematics (includes sections with and without a calculator)
  4. Science (calculators are permitted)
  5. Social Studies
  • The TASC takes about 9 hours to complete. It is offered at LaGuardia Community College on Friday evening and all day Saturday.
  • The TASC is free for New York State residents and is available in English or Spanish.
  • For more information visit www.tasctest.com

 How to Apply for the TASC

  • New York State website for all information and forms: acces.nysed.gov/hse/
  • Any New York State resident who is 19 or older and does not have a high school diploma may take the TASC. Seventeen and 18-year-olds must fill out required forms with attachments.
  • Print out and complete Attachment A found on the website.
  • Attachment A must be submitted to a testing center with a copy of New York State proof of residence.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee a seat. If you would like a response, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the application.
  • Test locations and dates are posted on the website.
  • Testing accommodations are available. Visit http://www.tasctest.com/special-needs-accommodations.html
  • If you wish to test at the LaGuardia Testing Center,  bring in your completed application to C-400, or send it by mail to: HSE TESTING CENTER located at 31-10 Thomson Avenue. RM C400, Long Island City NY, 11101

 How to Prepare for the TASC

  • LaGuardia Community College offers free Adult Basic Skills and High School Equivalency classes on weekdays, during the day and evening. You can apply for the waiting list at hselaguardia.org or call (718) 482-5385.
  • Low-cost classes are also available without a waiting list on weekdays, during the day and evening, and on Saturdays. To register see our catalog at http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/ace/ or call (718) 482-5385.

 Information for Re-Testers

  • If you fail one or more of the test sections, those sections may be retaken after 60 days. The TASC can be taken up to 3 times within one year.
  • Passing scores from previous GED ® tests will count towards earning a diploma. Take the TASC only for the subjects that you failed.
  • Transcripts can be requested from NYSED at acces.nysed.gov/hse/